GRADE: 1.5   YEAR: 2019   DURATION: 3 MIN


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Chelsea Middle School (Deana Rizzo, director), Dickinson Fine Arts Academy (Bart Roberts and Alex Benoit, directors), Drew-Freeman Middle School (Tim Dignen, director), Duncanville Middle School (Chase Moore, director), Durant Road Middle School (Steve Kuni, director), E. A. Cox Middle School (Brad Mitchell, director), East Hardin Middle School Matthew Baucum, director), F. J. Carnage Middle School (Matthew Pellas, director), Frontier Middle School (Jennifer, Ferguson and Donna Higel Flores, directors), Graham Junior High School (Hugh Grubbs, Alexandra Betik, Dax Freeman, and Josh Kidd, directors), John T. Baker Middle School (Mike Kamuf and Debbie Kamuf, directors), Los Osos Middle School (Brynn Belyea, director), Lufkin Road Middle School (Leigh Anne Carmichael, director), Montegut Middle School (Ben Templet, director), Muir Middle School (Kristen Blanchard, director), North Schuylkill Elementary (Cody Kelly, director), Northridge Middle School (Taylor Nails, director), Parcells Middle School (Thomas Torrento, director), Pinnacle View Middle School (Brandon Robinson, director), Richland Junior High School (Salvador Rodriguez, director), Thompson Middle School (Michael Chambless, Meredith Greene, and Ashton Bowles, directors), A.L. Stanback Middle School (Michael Capps, director), Concord Public Schools (Christopher Noce and Paul Halpainy, directors), Fuquay-Varina Middle School (Robin Gorham, director), Halls Middle School (Tiffany Kimbro and Ashley Waller, director), Lexington Junior High School (Steve Graves, director), Oakbrook Preparatory School (Spencer Nance, director), Oconee County Middle School (Jon Cotton, director), Readington Middle School (John Hylkema, Lori Dribbon, Jack Hasselbring, and Kenneth Cubillas, directors) Summit Middle School (Susan Jehl, director), The Academy for Classical Education (Trey English, director), White House Heritage High School (JR Baker and Rebecca Pal, director), Woodstock Middle School (Jefferson Doyle, director)