Welcome to the index of new music for 2018! I certainly hope you enjoy perusing these new works and considering them for your upcoming programming. If you have any questions about these works, please contact me HERE

Best wishes, Tyler S. Grant


'Shimmering Joy' for concert band

Grade: 3   Duration: 3 minutes   Publisher: The FJH Music Company, Inc. 


This colorful and energetic fanfare projects confidence, power and stability. While extremely playable, the music has a complexity to it that will stun audiences as the ensemble elicits brilliant textures and harmonies. A wonderful addition to the repertoire that will announce your concert with authority! - Brian Balmages

'Paceline' for solo trombone & concert band

Difficulty: Grade 5 trombone, grade 3 band   Duration: 4 min   Publisher: Tyler S. Grant


NOTE: World-renowned trombonist Jon Whitaker is offering his services to 2018 Midwest-performing ensembles at a GREATLY reduced cost (likely just airfare and one night of lodging). CONTACT TYLER FOR MORE DETAILS!

        Paceline is a 4-minute show piece designed to feature the virtuosic range and skills of a trombone soloist while accompanied by developing musicians in a scholastic ensemble. The opening of the work is a “warm-up” of sorts - introducing basic rhythms and ideas which are tossed back-and-forth between the band and soloist. As the piece develops, the rhythms and melodic motives become more complex while also settling into a steady groove that propels the soloist and ensemble forward. Sudden bursts from the ensemble represent the shifting of gears as the road becomes unsettling through many inclines, bends, and other obstacles.


'SOLACE IN THE EQUINOX' for concert band

Grade: 4   Duration: 7 minutes   Publisher: Tyler S. Grant


Occasionally, I find certain works to be harder to write about than others. Even long after the piece is completed, the thought of describing the emotional and personal significance in a brief program note seems almost impossible. Such is the case for Solace in the Equinox...

   Solace in the Equinox was written in memory of my late friend, mentor, and brother Tony Wood. Tony and I became friends in August of 2013; just three short weeks later, he was diagnosed with stage-IV pancreatic cancer. As I began to think of the title, I remembered that the day before his funeral happened to be the fall equinox. On that day, I remember finding comfort in letter he had written just months prior where he talked about the fragility of life and how we must try not to grieve, but rather rejoice in the fact that a place has been prepared for us to see each other again. I also found comfort in the metaphoric meaning of the fall equinox- where we know that, from this point on, there will be a little more darkness in our day than light; however, we know that the world will keep spinning and, over time, we will still experience light, joy, and happiness.


Older music worth considering (click for details)


'EPIC VENTURE' for concert band (2015)

Grade: 2   Duration: 3 minutes   Publisher: THE FJH MUSIC COMPANY


'FROM THE CONCORD CHRONICLES' for concert band (2016)

Grade: 1.5  Duration: 3 minutes   Publisher: THE FJH MUSIC COMPANY


'PANORAMIC LANDSCAPES' for concert band (2015)

Grade: 4   Duration: 3 minutes   Publisher: TYLER S. GRANT