Episode 1.12 - "Age Out"

This episode of One More Time talks about moving on from a band program, both as a director and as a student. Scott Schwartz (Director of the Sousa Archive and Center for American Music) shares how Sousa fostered fraternity in the band. Dr. Bruce Moss provides a two-minute rehearsal technique. Then we talking to students who have aged out from various organizations, including drum corps, high school, and college marching band. We end this segment by talking with Fred Allen, former Director of Bands from Stephen F. Austin State University who talks about his transition into retirement. The episode wraps up with Tyler S. Grant discussing his piece “Paceline” for advanced trombone and young band in the final Source Material segment.

One More Time: Episode 1.10 ‘Storytime’

This episode of One More Time is all about stories. Scott Schwartz (Director of the Sousa Archive and Center for American Music) shares a few Sousa stories. Craig Kirchoff  provides a two-minute rehearsal technique. There are multiple stories during the episode from Robert Boudreau, Frank Battisti, Tyler S. Grant, and Dr. Tim Lautzenheiser. The episode wraps up with Dr. Benjamin Dean Taylor discussing his piece "Maze of 1000 Mirrors" in the Source Material segment.


Everything Band: Episode 41 - Tyler S. Grant

Composer Tyler S. Grant has enjoyed a meteoric rise to success and is one of the most exciting and interesting young composers for band today. In this  interview Tyler tells his story and provides insight into his background and career.


  • Tyler’s musical background and the story of how he ended up writing music at a very early age and his early relationship with Brian Balmages at FJH Publications.

  • His early experiences working as a conductor with students that are very close to his age and the growth he’s seen as a music education student at the University of Alabama.

  • The thought process behind Tyler’s decision to have his young band works commercially published while self-publishing his works for more advanced ensembles.

  • His experience with honor bands, his compositional process, and his thoughts about commissioning and consortiums.

School Band & Orchestra Magazine

Encouraging Composition

in the Secondary Instrumental Ensemble

by Edward C. Hoffman, III, Ph.D. • January 2015

"I think another aspect that music educators need to be cautious of is overemphasizing the competitive aspect of music. While some of the various musical assessments, competitions, festivals, and honor band auditions are important to the development of the students, it can be easy for the students to focus only on the competitive side of music and neglect the artistic side of music. "

Tone Deaf Comics

by John Bogenshutz • February 2016 (

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