TO THE WIRE (2016)

for Tuba/Euphonium Ensemble • Duration: 4 min • Published by TSG Music Works ( 

premiered at the 2016 International Tuba Euphonium Conference (Knoxville, TN


      In most of our working lives, we struggle with issues relating to time. Some struggle with the issue of procrastinating, while others struggle with over-planning and over-committing. The 'over-committing' category is one that I find myself in more-so than any other. It should be no surprise that when I was approached by Dr. Jeremy Crawford about writing a work for the ITEA convention, I immediately agreed without much consideration for everything else on my plate (I'm getting better; I promise). The closer-and-closer I got to completing the work, the more-and-more academic and musical responsibilities loomed over my head. It was in this spirit that to the wire was composed- frantically trying to fulfill obligations while still maintaining some level composure. In a strange way, each stage of the creative process manifests itself in the work. The beginning represents the daunting task of "preparation", while the faster section signifies the "incubation" and execution of the the project. The "contemplative" section is a time where the creator takes a moment to evaluate the work completed thus far in hopes that a creative spark will appear to drive the work through "implementation and verification". These all culminate in a short 4-minute overly-caffeinated experience which keeps performers, much like my academic personality, always on-edge. - Tyler S. Grant

to the Wire (2016)
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