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Yes, you can photocopy parts! 

With the legal purchase of any piece published by Tyler S. Grant Music Works, LLC, 

you are granted a limited license to photocopy parts for your students. 

(Some restrictions apply.) 

May I photocopy instrumental parts for my ensemble’s unique instrumentation?

Yes! I completely understand that each ensemble will vary in their needs for instrumental parts. Parts occasionally go missing, as well. As long as the photocopies stay within your school/organization, you may photocopy as reasonably needed! 


I am performing your work at an adjudicated performance and will need extra conductor scores! May I copy those for the adjudicators to use? 

No. While instrumental parts may be photocopied for ensemble use as described above, conductor’s scores may not be photocopied. Additional scores can be purchased from my website or through an authorized retailer. 


May I upload PDFs of the instrumental parts to a secured online platform for our musicians to access? 

Yes! However, the online platform you use must be password protected and inaccessible to anyone outside of your school/organization. My team frequently conducts checks online and will demand any uploaded images or files that do not follow this guideline be removed immediately.


May I duplicate the sheet music and give it to another individual, school, or organization?

Absolutely not. Duplicating and distributing music (including unlicensed photocopying and digital duplication) without permission is a blatant disregard and violation of U.S. Copyright Law. Such instances will be investigated and prosecuted to the full extent of United States & International Copyright Law.


May I create not-for-profit audio/video recordings of your pieces and share them on social media and other websites?

Certainly! As a matter of fact, I love searching for performances of my music online and greatly appreciate you sharing it with others! If you need licensing and permissions for a for-profit recording, please contact me through my website.


I have more questions! What should I do? 

Contact me through my website. I am always happy to answer your questions!


Thank you for following these guidelines! Copyright is not meant to be scary or intimidating; it’s the only way composers and arrangers protect their intellectual property. Your purchase helps support my entire team. Many publishers have a different set of guidelines for photocopying and duplicating their music. These guidelines are only for Tyler’s music published through Tyler S. Grant Music Works, LLC. 

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