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Concert Band


Grade 4


6 minutes


Commissioned by the Georgia Music Educators' Association District X Honor Band

MIDI Mockup

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I recently found myself unexpectedly captivated by the world of thriller movies and TV shows, an unusual departure from my go-to preferences in entertainment. Rather than being enticed by jump-scares or the other cliches associated with the genre, my interest was piqued by the intricately woven story arch of the antagonist. The mysterious layers surrounding their motivations, the exploration of the events that shaped them into agents of evil – these complexities ultimately became my way into exploring this classic method of storytelling.

(Un)Veiling is my attempt at capturing the essence of a villain’s story-arch. The work begins with a main theme enveloped in harmonic and textural ambiguity, almost concealed in deceptive intentions. It swiftly erupts into a frenzy of activity as the protagonist attempts to outpace the relentless pursuit of the antagonist. At the heart of the work, the main theme is revisited surrounded by a different harmonic palette. It is here that the true motives of the antagonist are unveiled, challenging the listener’s preconceived notions about the character’s vulnerability and humanity. The momentary respite is shattered as the musical frenzy returns in a climactic battle between good and evil.

While my inspiration for this piece stems from fiction, it naturally invites all of us to consider the blurred perceptions of morality in our own society. This piece serves as a personal reminder of the nuanced aspects of human nature that blur our understandings of “good and evil.”

(Un)Veiling was commissioned and premiered by the 2024 Georgia Music Educators Association District X 11th-12th Grade Honor Band in Augusta, GA.


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