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A New Light

Concert Band


Grade 1.5


3.5 minutes


Commissioned by the “At Twilight 10th Anniversary” Consortium!

MIDI Mockup

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A New Light is loosely inspired by my earlier work for young band, At Twilight. While At Twilight paints the image of sunset and the emerging night sky, I wanted to dig deeper into the meaning of night and how it relates to our everyday lives.

Night and darkness can be a metaphor for so many things. It can symbolize the great uncertainties of life, while also signifying a desire for guidance and direction. In my own life, I have had to learn that this cycle of uncertainty is not linear, but rather cyclical. The world will undoubtedly provide circumstances that cause darkness and uncertainty. However, we can survive these circumstances with the hope of a new dawn, and therefore, a new light to move us forward.


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