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All the Earth and Air

Concert Band


Grade 4


6 minutes


Commissioned for Dr. Bruce Moss by the BGSU Band Alumni Society in recognition of 30 years of dedicated leadership as Director of Bands at Bowling Green State University (OH)

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Commissioned by the Bowling Green State University Band Alumni Association, All the Earth and Air was written in honor of Dr. Bruce Moss and his 30th anniversary as Director of Bands at BGSU.

In writing a work that celebrates Dr. Moss’ significant and lasting contributions to music education, I chose to delve into his early years, rooted in the picturesque landscapes of Kingsport, Tennessee. While traditionally structured in ABA form, my goal was to provide a dynamic exploration of the vivacious spirit and introspective depth he is known for.

An intriguing aspect of the work is the thematic connection to ZIP codes, deriving inspiration from Kingsport, TN and Bowling Green, OH. These motives are interwoven throughout the piece, serving as the foundations for the majority of melodic material and reflecting Dr. Moss’ clever and memorable fascination with numbers and places.

The title All the Earth and Air draws inspiration from the Percy Bysse Shelley poem, “To a Skylark.” Much like the skylark’s music encompassing the vast expanse of the sky, the resonant echo of Dr. Moss’ boundless influence continues to permeates the lives of his colleagues and former students.


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