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Downtown Strut

FLEX Instrumentation

Grade 1

1 minutes

00:00 / 01:37

Program Notes

Downtown Strut is an electro-acoustic work for beginning band that captures the energy and excitement of the city. Living in Atlanta, I always find it electrifying to listen to the symphony of subway trains, garbage trucks, bumper-to- bumper traffic, and crowds of people in the streets. Through the electronics, the musicians merge their sounds with an infectious groove that will keep everyone’s feet tapping throughout!


Every effort should be made to use the electronic track while performing this piece. Tracks are provided at multiple tempos to aide in rehearsals and performance opportunities. Percussion parts are also encouraged to be used, but they are not required to perform the piece.


PART 1 : Flute/Oboe, Clarinet/Trumpet in Bb
PART 2 : Flute/Oboe, Alto Saxophone, Clarinet/Trumpet in Bb, Horn in F
PART 3 : Tenor Saxophone, Trombone/Baritone Bassoon B.C., Tuba
PERCUSSION : Snare Drum / Bass Drum , Suspended Cymbal, Large Metal, Trash Can,  Whistle

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