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Concert Band


Grade 4


3 minutes


Commissioned by the Marshall University Wind Ensemble. Dr. Adam Dalton, director.

Recorded by the Atlanta Wind Symphony. Dr. David Kehler, conductor.

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Ergo was commissioned by my friend Dr. Adam Dalton and the Marshall University Wind Ensemble (WV). Upon speaking with Adam about the type of piece he wanted for this commission, it was clear that he had a vision for a work that would serve both the university and high school band repertoire while also being flashy and contemporary in nature. Ergo (pronounced ehr • go) is a latin word meaning “therefore”. I have always found the use of “therefore” to be profound in written and spoken conversation. If I’m being honest, watching old-time legal thrillers as a child with my dad certainly didn’t hurt this curiosity. It is a word often used to punctuate a stance or argument in a way that reflects logical forethought and a clear belief. This piece serves as a three-minute tour de force in the same spirit of standing for what you believe in and declaring it to others.


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