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Fanfare for Athena

Concert Band


Grade 4


3 minutes


Commissioned by the Milton High School Wind Ensemble (GA). Chris Shumick, director.

Recorded by the Lockport Township High School Wind Ensemble. Brian Covey, conductor.

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Fanfare for Athena was commissioned by Chris Shumick and the Milton High School Wind Ensemble (GA). In writing a piece for the opening of their performance at the 2020 Georgia Music Educators Conference in Athens, it was decided early on that the piece would reflect the Greek goddess Athena and the statue that stands in her image outside of the Classics Center. In researching Athena, I found the contrasts of her qualities to be rather intriguing- a goddess of war and courage, and yet also a goddess of wisdom and inspiration. War and courage manifest themselves at the beginning of the work in bold and declarative statements. The middle of the work uses similar melodic material from the beginning, but woven in contemporary flourishes from the woodwinds to portray her wisdom and courage. The two styles weave themselves together as the piece concludes to create a more wholistic image of this goddess and all she represents in Greek mythology.


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