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Fanfare for the Gold

Concert Band


Grade 3


3 minutes


Commissioned by the East Cobb Middle School Bands (GA). Dr. Gregory Denson & Patrick Walsh, directors.

Recorded by the Atlanta Wind Symphony. Dr. David Kehler, conductor.

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The expression “going for the gold” has deep meaning with those who have a competitive spirit. It encompasses the desire to be high achieving and among the ranks of those considered “the best”. Even more powerful than the act of winning the gold medal is the act of striving for it. The journey of chasing the medal often leads to unimaginable opportunities and deep fulfillment.

Fanfare for the Gold seeks to capture this spirit in a short, yet declarative, fanfare. Commissioned by the East Cobb Middle School Bands for their performance at the 2023 Georgia Music Educators’ Conference, I was excited to capture this all-too-popular expression with a group of students who are among the highest achieving in their school, district, and state!


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