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Concert Band


Grade 3


4 minutes


Commissioned by a consortium off bands led by Dr. Jon Whitaker.

Recorded by the University of Alabama Wind Ensemble. Jon Whitaker, trombone.

00:00 / 05:45


In the world of road cycling, a paceline is one of the most foundational forms of group riding. It provides a unique social experience as the riders travel for long distances under intense conditions while collectively pushing through the wind in an effort to promote acceleration.

Paceline is a 4-minute show piece designed to feature the virtuosic range and skills of a trombone soloist while accompanied by developing musicians in a scholastic ensemble. The opening of the work is a “warm-up” of sorts - introducing basic rhythms and ideas which are tossed back-and-forth between the band and soloist. As the piece develops, the rhythms and melodic motives become more complex while also settling into a steady groove that propels the soloist and ensemble forward. Sudden bursts from the ensemble represent the shifting of gears as the road becomes unsettling through many inclines, bends, and other obstacles. In short, the work encompasses the physical challenges of riding the paceline while also portraying the euphoria and thrill that comes from this intense activity.

Paceline was commissioned by Jon Whitaker and a consortium of bands from all over the United States.


Ohio State University (Onsby Rose, Conductor of OSU University Band/Doctoral Associate), University of South Alabama (Jason Reinhardt, director), Ramona High School Band (Brian Gallagher, director), Northridge High School Band (John Cain, director) Lethbridge Community Silver Band (Canada) (Samuel Yamamoto, director), The Pizitz Middle School Band, Kim Bain and Leah Seng, directors, Benjamin Russell High School (Dale Bloodworth, director), White House Heritage High School (J.R. Bakerm director).


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