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Ash & Stone

Concert Band


Grade 2


2 minutes


Commissioned by a consortium off 30+ bands across North America.

Recorded by the Atlanta Wind Symphony. Dr. David Kehler, conductor.

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Commissioned by a consortium of bands across the United States, Ash & Stone is a musical depiction of the power and force behind our planet’s ever-changing land formations. At any given moment beneath our feet, numerous changes take place which result in earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and other types of natural phenomenon. While these forces harness the potential to be disastrous, they are also a stunning display of the power our planet holds and a reminder of its constant evolution. Ash & Stone juxtaposes the portrayal of shifting tectonic plates and erupting magma with the awe and majesty of Mother Earth.

Ash & Stone is dedicated to Amy Moore- my middle school band director and one of my earliest champions as a young musician and composer.


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