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Concert Band

Grade 2

4 minutes

Recorded by the Atlanta Wind Symphony. Dr. David Kehler, conductor.

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Roadblocks and creative barriers are just a part of the job as a composer. Such can be said for anyone in any demanding profession, discipline, sport, or activity. I’ve often heard these barriers serve several purposes. They give us an opportunity to look at challenges with a new and fresh perspective. Most importantly, they create signature marks on us that shape who we are and impact our lives in a profound and meaningful way. Breakthrough was written to portray the determination of those who invest their heart and soul into something meaningful and worthwhile. It celebrates the act of achieving ones goal while also highlighting the challenges and obstacles along the way.


Breakthrough was commissioned by the Nebraska State Bandmasters Association and premiered by the 2022 NSBA 8th Grade All-State Band in Lincoln, Nebraska.

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